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LASG Kicks Off BRT Scheme With 126 Buses

Mar 12, 2008 - The Lagos State Government on Wednesday revealed that it would commence the operation of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) scheme with a total of 126 new buses on the CMS –Mile 12 route.

This was disclosed by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, Mr Kayode Opeifa while briefing newsmen during a joint pre-inauguration press conference held at the Bagauda Kaltho Press centre, Alausa.

Mr Opeifa explained that 100 of the buses painted in blue colour would be plying Mile 12 to CMS, and from Moshalashi to CMS while stopping at designated bus stops to pick passengers.

The remaining 26 buses painted in red colour would be move from CMS to Mile 12 and, from Moshalashi to CMS and vice versa without stopping at any bus stop, he explained.

The Special Adviser warned that the State Government would prosecute any commercial vehicle operator especially danfos and molues that ply the BRT lite corridors which are exclusively for the use of the BRT buses.

He added that the commercial vehicles are expected to restrict their services to the service lanes from where they are expected to pick passengers, adding that massive road rehabilitation has been carried to ensure that the roads are very motorable.

Opeifa also stated that trading or hawking of wares along the BRT corridor was prohibited adding that the side walks should at all times be free of all encumbrances

''Anyone who fails to comply with any of the provisions of this regulation commits an offence and is liable on conviction to an imprisonment for one month or a fine of N25,000,’’ he said .

He also revealed that about 400 LASTMA officials had been trained and equipped to man the BRT corridor and enforce compliance by keeping the route free of any vehicular obstruction.

Also contributing, Dr Dayo Mobereola, the Managing Director of the Lagos Area Metropolitan Transport Authority (LAMATA) stated that all heavy duty vehicles like tankers and trailers have been restricted to the off peak period of 11am to 4pm and between 11pm and 5am respectively.

He added that in like manner all motorcycles and okadas are barred from plying the BRT Lite routes and all vehicles must peg their speed limits at 50km per hour on the Ikorodu road.

He explained that the kickoff of the programme was delayed due to the to the gas pipeline that were being laid along Ikorodu road.

'We had wanted to start the scheme about four months ago but we had to add five more months because of the pipeline project,' he explained.

While also contributing, the Sole administrator of NURTW in the State, Mr Stephen Falusi, promised the cooperation of his members for the new scheme.

He stated that it would improve the transport system and sanitize the state road network system of rickety vehicles that were no longer road worth.


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