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Lagos To Install Three Env. Monitoring Stations To Determine Air Quality - Fashola

Mar 20, 2008 - Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on Thursday disclosed that the state is currently installing three environmental monitoring stations to determine air quality and to establish baseline data towards air quality standardization and control.

The Governor spoke while officially launching the Climate Change Club for Lagos Primary and Secondary Schools’ boys and girls held at Police College grounds, Ikeja.

He added that as a result of the peculiar position of Lagos as a coastal state there is every reason to be concerned about climate change adding that the only rational thing to do is to take proactive measures to address the challenge.

He explained that the administration would put in place a policy on climate change towards ensuring a slowing down of the emission of greenhouse gases from all human activities by all and sundry.

The policy would also ensure the strengthening of science, technology and environmental education in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions and enhancing international cooperation to contain the challenge, Governor Fashola included.

The Lagos State helmsman added that the State has also taken some fundamental steps to address the release of ozone depleting substances by ensuring that over N4billion from the private sector has been invested directly in waste collection in the last four years in the state.

The State has also commenced the construction of an integrated landfill waste management facility with an engineered sanitary landfill site, material recovery plant, bio-gas and leachate collection and composting facility, Governor Fashola stated.

He explained that the facility would drastically reduce emission of methane and other green house gases from the disposal activities.

Governor Fashola added that the state has also moved to combat erosion and other mishaps by embarking upon communal dredging, construction and maintenance of canals and drainage channels across the state.

In his words: “the operation green Lagos has been given priority by the administration in the last eight months through beautification projects including enumeration and tagging of trees”.

Continuing, Fashola said: “in addition to criminalizing the felling of trees without recourse to the ministry of the environment, we have scheduled a tree planting day which will be yearly commemorated in Lagos towards ensuring the provision of trees within a few years and also protecting old ones”.

The Governor said on the international scene, Lagos state as one of the C40 Large cities of climate leadership group under the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI)formed in 2006 has begun innovative programmes for building retrofits, solid waste management, transportation, forestry preservation, clean power energy generation and lighting retrofits to enable member cities reduce energy use and green gas emission.

He described the essence of the Climate Change Club as a means to further inculcate in our pupils the need to be actively involved in the protection of the environment in order to safeguard and secure the future from the impending catastrophe looming on humanity as a result of unwholesome human activities engendering global warming.

Said he: “my dear students, you are today implored to take a very active interest in issues concerning the environment. The future belongs to you and you must be at the vanguard of our efforts to act now in ways that will enable us to preserve that future for you”.

He called on all industrialists, business concerns and others whose activities have a polluting effect to heed the Kyoto mechanisms which continually commit them to emission reduction regimes, carbon trading and other strategies aimed at mitigating climate change.

He expressed the firm belief that protecting tropical forests and tree planting can be the keystone of a new carbon trading regime to the benefit of the global climate, species and habitual protection.

Also speaking, the Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Muiz Banire assured that the formation of the Climate Change Club is not an attempt to heap upon the shoulders of the children what the parents are failing to do.

Rather, Dr Banire explained that the state Government hopes that by sowing the seed of changes early in the lives of the children, they would bring forth fruits that will challenge our sense of lethargy about things.

In his good will message, the representative of the Clinton Climate Initiative, Mr Vincent Herlbron commended the efforts of the Lagos State in ensuring a green environment in the state.

He pledged the support and readiness of the CCI to ensure the success of the campaign which has started with all primary and secondary schools in the State.

The elaborate ceremony also featured a calisthenics display by students of Queens College , Yaba and a special presentation by pupils of Grange School , Ikeja on the dangers of earth warming.

The Governor later went round the exhibition stands to inspect technological inventions made by the various schools while certificates and prizes were also presented to students in the essay writing, poem recitation, club activities and exhibition categories.


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