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LASG, Malaysia University Sign Agreement On Medicine To Combat Malaria

Apr 10, 2008 - The Lagos State Government and the University of Science , Malaysia Thursday signed a collaborative agreement to research on ways to combat Malaria and other endemic diseases through the use of herbs including banana pulp.

The Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) also includes collaboration in Agriculture and the Environment.

Speaking at the signing ceremony which took place at the Conference Room of the Governor’s office, Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN), lamented that Asia and Africa remained about the only continents where Malaria was still an issue, but expressed the confidence that the disease could, indeed, be eradicated in those continents if the people put there minds to it. He added, “We have the power, we have the knowledge and the wherewithal to make it work for us here”.

“Science has revealed to us what causes Malaria. We know where the mosquitoes breed, the stagnant ponds, the canals and dirty environment. We can pre-empt the multiplication of the larvae by attacking them in these habitats”, the Governor said.

Appealing to the people to observe common hygiene and keep their environments clean, the Governor declared, “It is not only flooding that is the incident when we do not observe common environmental cleanliness, we increase the rate of morbidity and mortality”.

He said the collaboration between Lagos and Malaysia in the areas of Medicine and the Environment was aimed at achieving the dual purpose of reducing mortality rate through the use of the God-given gift of nature and beautifying the environment, adding, “We will engage in the search for this species and culturing of the strain of these botanical gifts of God to combat the challenges that face us”.

The Governor continued, “We have always said we do not see challenges, we see opportunities that such challenges provide”.

He described as coincidental the visit of the team from the University of Science, Malaysia pointing out that it came at a time when a Senior Secondary School in the state, at the recent launch of Climate Change Programme in the State to sensitize schools on the Environmental challenges, Ozone Layer depletion and Carbon emission, demonstrated the capacity to use water hyacinth to produce paper and some other useful household requirements, adding, “The collaboration here, as a benefit of the technological advancement which you have demonstrated here, provides the unique opportunity to help that school and the students to sharpen what clearly is the talent in them”.

Earlier, in his introductory remarks, head of the delegation from Malaysia , Professor Mohammed Salim said the team had come to present the documents on the research banana pulp for the cure of Malaria. He said the Memorandum of Understanding between Lagos and the University would benefit the two countries which still suffer the disease of Malaria. According to Professor Salim, the documents also include the research on the conversion of waste into useable products. He said the University had also developed strains from other plants that could cure a wide range of endemic diseases that still assail African and Asian people.

A file containing the research documents was later presented to the Governor who signed the collaborative agreement on behalf of the State.


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