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LASG Plans A New Building Plan Approval Policy

May 19, 2008 - The Lagos State Government is putting together a new building plan policy that will address the frequent incidences of building collapse in the State, the State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN), has disclosed.

Fashola said, while commenting on last Thursday’s sinking of a four-storey building at Shogunro Estate, Ogba, in Ojodu Local Government Area of the State that the plan involved a whole lot of re-arrangements including meetings with stakeholders and regulations, adding that the whole process would culminate in the sanitization of the whole building industry.

“There will be a whole lot of re-arrangements, meetings with stakeholders, regulations, sanitation and sanitization of the whole building industry must be done. We need to get more professionals involved”, the Governor said adding, “It will be coming out in a whole new building plan proposal and policy to address the incidence of building collapse in the State”.

He, however, said the issue of finding solution to the problem of building collapse could not be done in one day, adding that it had a historical perspective that could only be addressed over time.

“We have again another sphere of our life where we have not done things properly. We have the issue of inspection not being properly done; we have issue of poor quality of materials, cement, sand and what have you. We learnt that there are some quality of sand that is not good for moulding blocks, so how do we know what quality of sand is good?, how many buildings in Lagos are built with soil test to determine the suitable quality of the foundation?, who is inspecting?”, the Governor queried pointing out that there have been cases where building approvals were given for two storey building but the builders ended up with five storey building

Citing the example of the vast destruction of buildings in China as a result of a recent earthquake, the Governor noted that experience from other lands should be used in developing policies that would help ensure safety of life and property.

Reacting to the collapse of the four-storey building at the Shogunro Estate, Fashola, who described the incidence of building collapses in the State as a challenge to his administration, said the building had already been marked for demolition, adding, however, that it was evacuated before the collapse and had been taken down now.

“Whenever I get a report of a distressed building, my immediate reaction has always been to take it down, evacuate the building and take it down. If it touches life, we take it down. We cannot give back life but we can replace collapsed building”, the Governor said.


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