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Lagos Resident Applauds Promptness Of 767 Emergency Number

Jun 28, 2008 - A Lagos resident, Mr Bunmi Ibrahim has written to applaud the promptness of the 767 emergency number and the effectiveness of the State Rapid Response Squad (RRS).

In a letter addressed to the Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN), Mr Ibrahim who is the Managing Partner of Swift and Moore recounted his encounter in company of a UK based Nigerian with armed robbers recently.

He added that just as he and his client were concluding the inspection of an on going construction work in the Osborne Phase 1 area around Misa Courts, they heard gun shots.

Mr Ibrahim said he recollected having been given a 767 number by an aunty, Mrs Gbadamosi who urged him to make use of the number in any case of an emergency.

He explained that immediately he dialed the number, a polite voice at the other end responded to his inquiries and took all the details of the incident from him.

He disclosed that 93 seconds after he made the call to the emergency number, RRS operatives arrived the area to engage the robbers in a gun duel for over 27 minutes.

He said one of the robbers was arrested after the gun duel and the RRS men restored normalcy to the area.

Mr Ibrahim said the incident has shown that the RRS in Lagos is effective and does work and that they need to be praised and encouraged to do more.

He explained that his UK guest is not put off coming back to Nigeria , rather has felt better because he saw the Rapid Response Squad men and the distressed call system in action.

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