Annual Convention Of Foursquare Gospel Church In Nigeria

Nov 16, 2008 - I count it a great privilege to be invited to this 16th Annual Convention of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria. Occasion of this nature definitely calls for a period of reflection on our moral and spiritual state as individuals and corporate entities. It affords us the opportunity to congregate with others that share common faith and conviction with us to receive spiritual nourishment and experience moral rejuvenation that will make us better citizens.

The choice of the theme of this year’s convention “Ultimate Fulfillment”, is no doubt instructive and appropriate, especially taking into consideration our present situation as a people and a nation in need of spiritual, social and moral rejuvenation.

Permit me therefore to congratulate the General Overseer of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria, Dr. Wilson Badejo and the entire congregation of the Church on this occasion of Y2008 Annual Convention. My regards to other anointed men of God in this country whom God has been using too, especially for their ceaseless prayers for peace and tranquility of the entire nation. Their intercession, courage, selfless service, steadfastness and wisdom in facing the arduous task attest to their desire for peaceful co-existence in line with the tenets of true religion.

Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria has come a long way and has over the years been committed to spreading the gospel of Christ; providing for the spiritual and social needs of its numerous congregations, and consistent in the teachings and doctrines of the word of God as contained in the Holy Scripture.

It is therefore not surprising that since its existence some centuries ago, the church has remained focused and committed to the spiritual upliftment, welfare and wellbeing of its congregation. What we are witnessing here today therefore is a clear testimony to years of devotion, dedication and commitments to the service of God.

As I have emphasized at various fora, religion serves as a veritable tool for social integration, and harmonious co-existence in the society, and remained one of the cords of unity that knit us together, especially in a multi religious society as ours.

As a government, God has given us the opportunity to come and serve the people and in doing that we need more of your prayers and support. I could recollect during my meeting with religious leaders shortly after the inception of our administration, I informed them that they have a role to play in sensitizing the citizens on the need to be law-abiding; to uphold morals and virtues; and keep people away from crimes. I therefore urge you all to replicate the unity we often display in our places of worship in the larger society and as well endeavor to demonstrate love and kindness towards one another as part of our religious and social obligations towards our neighbours.

Let me use this forum to urge our Christian leaders to remember that they have a responsibility not only to cater for the spiritual needs of the Christian fold under their care but also to bring about peace and harmonious relationship among various ethnic groups within your immediate environment, we should also use our various platforms to encourage our people to support our various initiatives that will make life easier for everybody.

Indeed, the time has truly come for every one of us to employ religion as a tool for peace, unity and meaningful development in the society. You will agree with me that no meaningful development can be achieved in an unstable and unsecured environment. To make progress as a nation, we must endeavor to create an atmosphere of peace devoid of rancour and religious intolerance.

Finally, I congratulate the General Overseer, the anniversary committee and the entire congregation for the success of this year’s convention and wish you all many more conventions in this vineyard.

May the peace of God continue to abide with you all.

Thank you for listening and God bless.

Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN)
Governor of Lagos State


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