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Fashola Restates Resolve To Keep All Lagosians Healthy

Feb 10, 2009 - Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on Tuesday restated the resolve of the administration to keep the people healthy in order to make the nation great.

Governor Fashola who spoke at the seven days Eko Free Health Mission for Mushin Local Government held at the General Hospital, Mushin added that the purpose of governance is all about the people who are the most important asset that any nation can have.

He promised that the state Government would continue to build more specialist hospitals and Primary Health Centres in all the Local Governments areas as it recognizes that there is still much work to be done.

Governor Fashola added that it is in recognition of the fact that some people cannot afford the medical bill at some health care facilities that it is committed to making all hospitals in Lagos very affordable and accessible to everyone.

He added that one of the primary objectives of the Free Health Mission is to open the doors of adequate healthcare to the people to come in and benefit from the usage of the taxes they pay and the party they have elected into power.

He promised that the State Government would provide a modern theatre as well as increasing the bed space in the Mushin general hospital in addition to employing more professionals like doctors, nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapists in the various general hospitals as a contribution to strengthening the capacity of the state to respond to healthcare needs.

The Governor also implored all women and children to come out massively and take adequate advantage of the Free Health Mission programme which would go round the state and take care of all the healthcare needs of the people.

“This mission will last for one week. I therefore implore all our women to come out en masse, as you shall all be attended to by the medical personnel who are also your children. Remember always that with one love, one nation, one people and patience, we shall all be attended to during the one week period with patience”, Governor Fashola said.

He revealed that the State intends to commence a massive construction of roads in Mushin area, with 36 roads which have already been identified, adding that the contractors would soon move to site.

While preaching the spirit of peaceful co existence among the people, Governor Fashola said all developmental efforts of government can only yield fruits, if peace is allowed to reign.

Said he: “It is only in freedom, peace and unity that we have all stayed together, working together and sacrificing together, thus bringing happiness to us all”.

Governor Fashola commended the people of Palm Avenue in Mushin for the orderly manner business transactions and trading is being carried out in the area behind the drains and away from the road and recommended it to other areas.

“We recognize the need for you to trade but once you do it away from the road and not on the drains, no one will disturb you from doing your businesses”, he added.

He warned the people against dumping refuse into the drains, adding that when the drains are blocked by refuse the resultant flood comes back to destroy properties that were erected with toils by the same people.

Governor Fashola said as threats of job losses stares everyone in the face and those who are working very hard to ensure that those who have employment retains the jobs are doing so, there is a need for those who have jobs to be considerate about those who do not have any.

In his words: “This is not the time for strikes, this is not the time for lock outs, this is the time for everybody to put his hands on the plough so that we can save ourselves and share this responsibility and share this benefit. We know that there are problems, but we should see ourselves not as a part of the problem but as a part of the solution. If we resolve to be a part of the solution, the cake will get bigger and the benefit will also get bigger’’.

He said the Eko Free health mission was a programme which started as a great idea of a great mind by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and supported by a great team which includes his humble self as well as part of the promise of a great party that is all about the people.

Speaking earlier, the State Commissioner for Health, Dr Jide Idris said the Mushin Local Government Medical Mission represents the twelveth to be carried out by the State Government since it was introduced.

He added that 2000 patients have so far been screened for various diseases and ailments since the exercise began, adding that 65 of them are for eye surgeries.

While giving a testimony of his experience with the Free Medical mission, a beneficiary, Mr. Solomon Odusogbon said this is the second time he would be benefiting from the exercise and expressed appreciation to the state government for the exercise.

Another beneficiary, Mrs Emordi who came with her son who had an eye problem said the free mission has taken care of the problem that her son had at no cost.

She commended Governor Fashola for the wonderful job he is doing all over Lagos especially in Oshodi and urged him to continue with the good works saying the people are solidly behind him.


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