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Lagos Engages School Children As Change Agents In Communicating Traffic Values

Feb 18, 2009 - Lagos State Government on Wednesday announced the institution of the State School Traffic Safety Advocacy Programme which has been carefully designed for children in the various primary and secondary schools in the state to act as change agents.

This disclosure was made by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, Mr. Kayode Opeifa during a press briefing at the Bagauda Kaltho Press Centre, Alausa to announce the formal launch of the programme expected to be undertaken by Governor Babatunde Fashola next Tuesday.

According to the Special Adviser, the overall goal of the School Traffic Safety Advocacy Programme is to provide basic traffic safety knowledge to the children in order to develop a positive road user attitude and behavior.

He added that the children shall be engaged as change agents and vehicles of communicating traffic safety values to their parents and other adults.

According to him, the target group is particularly important because they are the future of our community and research has revealed that majority of commercial and professional vehicle drivers have a minimum of primary level education and would need their children to pass the message across to them in clear terms.

He lamented that a lot of motorists, particularly commercial vehicle and articulated truck drivers pay little or no attention to the road signs or traffic lights, including the “Zebra crossing” sign, which were installed to ensure safety to the lives of motorists and pedestrians.

Said he: “The programme will also inculcate traffic safety values and ideals in our young citizens and create roads safety awareness in them, and also, potentially reduce their risk to Road Traffic Accidents (RTA)”.

He disclosed that the state has adopted a holistic approach of impacting traffic safety awareness on all school age children through a four pronged strategy which includes the establishment of traffic safety clubs in schools and an enhanced traffic safety zones with 60 already created this year.

Others will include school bus drivers safety training and an annual road safety awareness programme.

The State would also ensure that registered members of the Traffic Safety Clubs in the various schools are designated as Road Safety Ambassadors and they will be exposed to traffic safety lessons as well as practical exercises, debates, quizzes and games.

Mr Opeifa also said the enhanced traffic safety zone being envisaged will be accomplished through the installation of signage and traffic safety corners in the various school playgrounds.

He also informed that the programme will be implemented in the primary and secondary schools spread across the six education districts in the state and this will include children in 5 Special Needs Schools and 5 Technical Training Schools in the State.

He urged all parents and motorists in the state to cooperate with the government and ensure the success of the programme by obeying traffic rules and regulations for the safety of the community.


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