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We Must Be Conscious Of Happenings Around Us - Fashola

Mar 20, 2009 - Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN), Friday urged Nigerians to be conscious of happenings around them, especially as it concerns climate change, saying it is the most viable means to prepare against environmental hazards.

Governor Fashola, who spoke at the Nigeria Police College, Ikeja, venue of the first anniversary of the Climate Change Club in Lagos Schools, reasoned that if adequate preparations are made in the country against the two major seasons of dry and rainy seasons, the incidences of flooding and fire disasters would be greatly minimized.

“We must be increasingly more conscious of what is happening around us. Climate Change is only one aspect of environmental challenges that our planet faces”, the Governor said, pointing out that the two major challenges that Climate Change poses to Nigeria is the Dry and Rainy seasons.

According to the Governor, there are a lot people can do as individuals and groups to prevent the incidences of fire disaster and flooding, adding, “How many of us check the light switches, the bulbs and other electrical appliances before leaving our homes or closing our offices at nights? Your little contributions will help”.

The Governor particularly appealed to Lagosians that as the Rainy Season approaches, they should clean the drainages and properly dispose of their refuse in such a way as not to block the drains.

Governor Fashola praised the ingenuity of the members of the Climate Change Club, expressing pride that more than 85 per cent of schools in the State want the Climatic change programme to be included in the schools curriculum.

“Your enthusiasm confirms that our confidence in your effectiveness as young people as agents of change is not misplaced”, Governor Fashola said, adding that not only are young people very curious and eager to learn new things, they are also kin to share knowledge and information with other people and, therefore, happy to influence deserved changes in the home.

Commending the dramatization of Al-Gore’s documentary on Climate Change by members of the Climate Change Club, the Governor declared further, “Truly, how far we have come in climate change awareness and advocacy has been vividly demonstrated here by the drama. For me, it tells one very short story, that we have successfully passed the touch to a generation of future leaders that are ready to take the responsibility”, adding that he has given directives that the video be distributed to all public school in the State.

On the necessity of finding alternative sources of energy in other to reduce the incidence of global warming, Governor Fashola said Lagos State has taken the lead in this regard by adopting solar technology in some of the State’s street light initiative.

“We are engaging new technology wherever we see it. But let me also say that Solar Technology is an emerging technology. It cannot produce the amount of intensity and illumination we need”, Governor Fashola said, pointing out, however, that a lot of research and investments is still going on around the world to fine-tune the technology.

Expressing the belief that sooner than later the research would produce not just an alternative but a sustainable source of power, the Governor promised that Lagos State would not be left behind. “We will engage it and as technology increases, you will see the intensity and luminosity of the solar technology increasing where they are deployed in our streets”, he promised.

He said his administration has also made progress in the area of waste re-circling, waste sorting and waste management, adding that 500 pieces of re-circling and 2000 pieces of waste management refuse bins have been acquired by the State Government for distribution to schools in the State.

“These bins have been made to have receptacles for glass, for paper and for metal and this means that the sorting process starts from the homes and from the schools as applicable to wherever the bins are placed”, the Governor said.

According to the Governor, “We are moving on from waste management success to waste re-circling and waste re-use as a platform for our waste-to-wealth programme”.

Appealing to property owners in the State, to paint the exterior of their buildings, especially those on the highways, like Ikorodu Road, Marina and the Bar Beach Waterfront, Governor Fashola pointed out, “The totality of the environment involves so many other things. It involves how we manage waste, how beautiful the environment is, how clean it is and how comfortable it is”.

“I believe that not only does this add to the aesthetics of your building, it creates jobs for painters, for artisans and paint makers as well as increases the value of those properties and keep the economy alive as we need to do in this challenging times”, he said.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Commissioner for Environment, Dr. Muiz Banire, said the Climate Change Club, whose thrust as stated by the Governor at inception last year is “to re-orientate our teeming youths and inculcate them with sanitary and greening habits to enable them serve as agents of change in the larger society”, has achieved its desired objectives one year on.

He thanked Governor Fashola for his continued support for the programmes aimed at sustaining the environment, adding, “You will all agree with me that all these would not have been possible without his support”.

“I wish to sound it loud and clear that Lagos is changing and together we will achieve a clean beautiful and healthy environment for sustainable development”, the Commissioner said.

High point of the occasion was the presentation of a localized drama version of Al-Gore’s documentary on Climate Change titled the “Inconvenient Truth” which the Governor directed that the VCD and DVD formats be aired on notable television stations in the State.


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