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Every One Has A Role To Play In Curtailing Swine Flu - Fashola
…Praises courage, character of retired Justice Kutigi

Jan 20, 2010 - Lagos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on Wednesday urged residents of the State to remain calm about the reports of the presence of the Avian Influenza in the state, asking them to follow simple rules of hygiene.

According to Governor Fashola who spoke during an interview with Airport Correspondents after he returned from a trip to Abuja, the state has provided hand cleaning liquids and hand washing facilities in many of the public facilities.

While recalling that Lagos State was the first state to alert members of the public about the outbreak before any case was recorded in Nigeria, Governor Fashola explained that it was acting very effectively and proactively in the discharge of its responsibilities to protect lives and properties adding that the incidence of the HIN 1 Influenza is not unique to Lagos as much more powerful nations and countries have been subjected to it and just like everywhere else it is now left for the citizens to ensure that it is not spread as an epidemic.

In his words: “We must understand also the locational reason for this, if we must take our location as the pre-eminent state in the country, if we have the busiest airport, busiest port facilities, though we don’t have a control over who comes in or goes out, we must take the burden”

He expressed confidence that the Commissioner for Health who had earlier spoken on the issue and members of his team are on top of the job , adding that all the members of the public need to do is listen to them, follow advice, cover noses when one sneezes and wash hands when one uses the conveniences.

Said he: “The honourable Commissioner for Health has briefed you on the situation, he has indicated to you the number of people that have been screened, I think about 52 and eight tested positive and what he is doing to effect treatment and the public campaign that has been put in place so that the global infection cannot be spread”.

On the retired Chief Justice of Nigeria, Governor Fashola urged everyone to salute the courage and character of Justice Idris Kutigi for staying behind to give Nigeria a new Chief Justice.

Governor Fashola urged Nigerians to reflect on the fact that Justice Kutigi could have behaved like some people behaved in the past or agreed to have his tenure elongated or probably decide to walk away as a retiree and left Nigerians to solve the succession problems themselves.

He added that he gave Nigeria a new Chief Justice , saying that irrespective of debatable legal opinions about what has happened, Nigeria now has a Supreme Court to decide cases when they come up, something which would have been impossible if he had decided to walk away.

Said he: “That was him, the man of courage and character. I think that speaking for myself; all of us were looking at what will happen to the Executive and the Judiciary on December 31, 2009, who was going to lead. The man showed courage”.

“He showed the path where there was none. I will leave the recorders of Judiciary history to record judicial activities. But what I take away from his conduct is the character, the courage and the public good for which he used the public office”, Governor Fashola added.


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