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Fashola Hands Over Equipment To Fight Fire In High Rise Buildings, Others
…Restates the increasing capacity of Lagos to fight fire

Mar 15, 2010 - Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on Monday handed over new fire fighting equipments made up of two new aerial ladder platform fire trucks, one foam fire truck, five rapid response utility fire fighting vehicles and eight 10,000 litres water tankers, restating the increasing capacity of the State to fight fire.

Governor Fashola who spoke at the Alausa premises of the State Fire Service added that the newly acquired equipments represent the short term measures of the State Government to fight incidents of fire outbreaks.

He explained that the fire rapid response utility vehicles would be deployed to fighting fire in difficult terrains before bigger fire trucks arrive and while traffic is being managed.

Governor Fashola said in order to solve the problem of lack of water which sometimes aggravate fire incidents, the administration had earlier procured 10 water tankers with 10,000 litres capacity each and is boosting the capacity with another eight of the same capacity at the occasion thus making 18 water tankers available with a capacity for 180,000 litres of water.

He added that in the last two and half years, there have been no newly reported case of firemen in the state fighting fire and having the problem of water shortage.

The Governor explained that the two aerial ladder platform fire trucks were procured because the Government realizes that as more high rise buildings emerged and people continue to use the buildings, there may be cause to fight fire in high rise buildings.

Governor Fashola who acknowledged receiving several e-mails and text messages from members of the public on the improved service now being rendered by men of the Fire Service, reiterated that the two ladder platform trucks can be deployed simultaneously with one rescuing trapped victims of a fire incident while the other one would be fighting the fire.

The Lagos State helmsman noted that the State is now in a vantage position to fight petroleum and chemical related fire with the procurement of a foam fire truck just like the State firemen displayed last week while fighting fire from a tanker explosion at Ilupeju in Lagos.

He promised that before the end of the year, some parts of the State with high concentration of people like Abesan, Ejigbo and Lekki will have dedicated operational fire service stations.

Said he: “There is a continuing audit across the State so that we can know how to redistribute our capacity and to increase our response time”.

Governor Fashola said on the long term, the State Government is working on the possibility of returning the State to compete with other international cities and states by reintroducing fire hydrants to major public roads, installations and public institutions across the State.

The Governor reiterated that safety of life and property remains one of the primary responsibilities of the Government and this explains why government has always emphasized that as long as humans exist accidents would happen, adding that it is totally impossible to prevent fire.

He emphasized that in this part of the world where there are two distinct weather dimensions, the dry season and rainy season, each season comes with its own unique challenges.

In his words: “Government responsibility include going round Local Government to Local Government, improving safety awareness, improving safety practices and recognizing that accidents are more likely to happen at this time of the year which is the dry season”.

The Governor advocated that the people need to be more careful about how they handle electrical appliances and how people manage fuel even when there are shortages, emphasizing that there is a need to resist the temptation of keeping fuel at home.

“A lot depends on us as a people. How many of us switch off our electrical appliances when we live home, how many keep an extra eye on how the gas cylinder is fitted, how many of us store fuel at home and realize that it is a most dangerous practice, because only the living can use the fuel”, Governor Fashola advised.

Earlier in his address, the Commissioner for Home Affairs and Culture, Alhaji Tunde Balogun said the new four set of firefighting equipment being handed over by Governor Fashola would open a new vista in fire fighting in Nigeria.

Also speaking the State Director of the State Fire Service, Mr Julius Ajose said with the new fighting equipments, Lagos State is moving far ahead of others in terms of quality facilities to fight fire.

He added that Lagos is the first to purchase two high rise fire fighters at a go, promising the firemen are ready to give their best in serving the State.

Governor Fashola and some of the dignitaries later observed a practical demonstration of how the new aerial ladder platform fire truck functions with the equipment being used to rescue victims of an imaginary fire and also fighting the fire.

The event was attended by Deputy Governor Princess Sarah Adebisi Sosan, members of the State Executive Council traditional rulers and other dignitaries from across the State.


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