Welcome Remarks To The Prime Minister Of Britain, Mr. David Cameron

Jul 19, 2011 - On behalf of the Government and people of Lagos, I am delighted to welcome to Nigeria's commercial capital, The Right Honourable, Mr. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain.

At a time of rapid globalization it has become evident to world leaders how inter-connected and inter-dependent we really are on this planet.

It is no over-statement to assert that Africa will play a most critical role in the future of our planet and so much can happen in this decade.

Our current realities vividly demonstrate that prosperity or adversity on one side of our planet has almost instantaneous consequences for prosperity or adversity at the other end.

A transatlantic visit such as the one undertaken by the Prime Minister is proof of his salutary leadership and clear understanding of his role in turning those challenges to opportunities by stimulating mutuality of cooperation between two countries in areas such as increased trade, infrastructure renewal in critical sectors like power and transport for economic growth, improved public health, promote global security, democracy and defence of citizens' rights, to mention but a few.

I commend the motive behind this visit and welcome your desire to deepen co-operation.

I must acknowledge the business development and partnership orientation of your representatives in the British High Commission in Nigeria and the support we have enjoyed with the Department for International Development (DFID) which I dare say needs to be expanded.

We will particularly seek collaboration towards encouraging and recruiting Nigerian professionals based in the diaspora to look towards returning home to lend a hand to the efforts at nation building.

Nigeria as a nation and Lagos in particular have a long political and economic relation with Britain. I hope that this visit will become a most symbolic reference point of the escalation of a revival of those relationships for mutual benefits, which supports the growth of both countries' economies, in a way that issues of poverty and human development can be remedied by the creation of economic opportunities.

Right Honourable Prime Minister, I thank you for the visit and look forward to a collaborative follow up of limitless possibilities.

Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN
Governor of Lagos State


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