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Fashola Cautions On The Dangers Of Proliferation Of Boreholes
…As Governor hands over another one million GPD Waterworks in Iponri

Feb 14, 2012 - Lagos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on Tuesday handed over the second one million gallon per day capacity World Bank assisted Mini Water Works at Iponri, saying the State Water Corporation will soon address the environment risk posed by the proliferation of boreholes.

The Governor who spoke at Iponri said the residents of the State are better off with more water works than more boreholes in the different houses, adding that the proliferation of boreholes will be addressed in the next few weeks.

He urged the people to continue to make domestic connections to their homes wherever there is a waterworks, saying government will continue to supply the mains to bring them close to the various homes.

"Let us continue to shut down those boreholes because they have long term environmental impact and environmental damage to our State and our people", the Governor appealed.

Governor Fashola described the project as part of the short term strategy to ensure that water is supplied to every home in Lagos State which started by the restoration of Iju and Adiyan Waterworks to their full capacity.

He explained that now, the State is delivering about 98 percent of the installed capacity of the 114 million gallons installed by the construction of a dedicated power plant of 12Megawatts for the Iju and Adiyan Waterworks.

"Since then, we have embarked on 15 Mini Water Works each of two million capacity per day, each with a reticulation of 5 kilometres radius where situated. We have handed over 10, the remaining five are in various stages of completion".

"This is another level of intervention through strategic construction and location of six one million gallons per day Water works like this in partnership with the World Bank. This is the second of the six to serve this area, Iponri, Costain and environs", Governor Fashola stated.

Governor Fashola explained that for his administration, water is life, adding that it is part of its long term prevention strategy in health care. "We can build all of the hospitals but as I have said always, we don't want you in the hospital, we want you alive, well, hale and hearty and kicking and contributing to the development of Lagos State and partaking of the benefits".

He said the government wants all the children to be healthy children and is convinced that wherever there is water, there would be improved healthcare, improved sanitation which would allow the government combat water borne diseases like Cholera.

He expressed the conviction that by the time the government starts the implementation of its medium to long term planning, the problem of water supply would be a thing of the past and a historical piece which everyone would like to forget.

"13 years ago, Lagosians carried water on their heads, so we are coming and going nearer there. By the time we implement Odomola Phase Two, Ishashi, Oto Ikosi, Adiyan in the medium term plan, we will be close to 70 or 80percent of the water demand in the State"

"As we hit the final phase of our 10 year plan and the plan is already completed, our commitment is to implement the 2010 to 2015 phase of it", the Governor said.

He expressed the conviction that the last phase will involve intensive water education, water conservation and water preservation, stating that often times some of the things that people complain of as being inadequate seem so because they do not optimize usage.

He said people should always conserve water, lock all taps and wherever there are incidents of broken pipes, they should be brought to the notice of the Water Corporation, because the agency has the capacity to repair broken pipes if contacted.

He said as part of these, he has published the contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses of all management members of the State Government, including the Lagos State Water Corporation, so that members of the public can use the numbers to reach the public official and ask questions at all times.

Speaking earlier, the Group Managing Director of the State Water Corporation, Mr Shayo Holloway said out of the six World Bank assisted Mini Water Works, two have been handed over, the one in Aguda is ready for commissioning while Isheri Oke, Alexander and Apongbon are at various stages of completion.

He said the State has handed over 10 Mini Water Works each with a capacity of two million gallons per day while the remaining five are in various stages of completion.

He stated that under the medium term plan with the Adiyan Phase two Water Works which will put 70 million gallons into the existing system, Ishasi Water Works expansion from four million gallons per day to 12 Million gallons per day and Odomola Water scheme which will take care of the Lekki, Ajah, Victoria Island to Ikoyi axis Iju while Adiyan will then focus on the Mainland.

The Governor later handed over the Water Works before he undertook a guided tour of the facility including the Laboratory, the Chemical dosing room and the Control Panel room among others.

Prominent among those who witnessed the event were members of the State Executive, the Chairman of Surulere Local Government, Mr Ganiyu Ajide and several dignitaries.


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