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Fashola Lights Up Jibowu To Maryland Underpass On Ikorodu Road

Feb 25, 2013 - The seven kilometers stretch of Ikorodu Road from Jibowu flyover to Maryland Underpass popularly known as the Independence Tunnel on Monday night glowed brightly as Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on Monday switched on the lights, stating that it demonstrates the State Government's commitment to safety and security more than anything else.

The Governor, who spoke at the brief but truly impressive switching on ceremony held after the State's Executive Council meeting which expectedly stretched into the evening, added that safer roads, secured roads and crime free roads, are the hallmark of the kind of city state that the state wants to be.

"We are here tonight because most of the highways in Lagos now and the major traffic routes are lit up at night. The Ikorodu Road is the most strategic road, not only for Lagos alone but for the whole country. if you have driven on that road at night, you can only understand how impactful this service would be starting from tonight".

"The lights will improve visibility, safety of drivers and safety of pedestrians. That is one of the major reasons why this is a symbolic point for us to signify our commitment to the protection of life and property. To keep the citizens safe in their vehicles, to ensure reduction in road traffic accidents in the state that are caused by poor visibility at night. And also to ensure that residents across the state can get on with their life because security is enhanced", he said.

The Governor said when the idea was muted over five years ago that it was possible to light up Lagos at night, many said that it was not doable and doubted the resolve of the government, adding that from one street to two streets, the government has developed the capacity to light up many parts of Lagos today.

He added that the work continues and that in one single year from one street to two streets at a time, the state did over 40 streets and is going to do more this year.

Speaking specifically on the Ikorodu Road project, the Governor declared: "The project involves the erection of 192 poles stretched through an existing road and that was why it was most challenging. This is because in other situations we had the street lights built into the construction of the road project. And I believe that over 250 new bulbs were installed in the project. I must thank the resourcefulness of our contractors for this."

"This completes the lighting up of the main artery road in the heart of Lagos from Central Lagos where we started on the Marina, right through Eko bridge, down to Alaka through Agege Motor road on the other side all the way to Oshodi and now from Jibowu to Maryland. The work continues and by the time we complete the lighting up of the Mile 12 to Ikorodu town, the whole of that stretch driving from Lagos Island into the heart of Ikorodu would be lit up. We are taking it one pole at a time, one street at a time, but we are on our way", the Governor said emphatically.

Speaking earlier, the State Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, Dr Obafemi Hamzat said the new street lights which is from the service lane of Jibowu from the flyover area to Maryland Underpass, the Independence Tunnel, is connected to PHCN and powered by two sets of 250 KVA generators.

He added that from today, the people passing through the route can enjoy their movement because it will be well lit.

He stated that the lights are made up of 91 4000watts double galvanized amps,67 250watts double amps galvanized lights, 11 250watts double cup galvanized bulbs and another 15 250watts wall bracket types.

The brief ceremony was witnessed by members of the State Executive Council including the Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Engineer Taofik Tijani, the Special Adviser on Public Private Partnerships, Mr. Ayo Gbeleyi among others.


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