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Fashola Receives Donation of Four Security Patrol Vehicles From NB PLC
…Urges more support for Security Trust Fund, sustained vigilance as crime rates head downward in Lagos

May 20, 2013 - The Nigerian Breweries Plc on Monday redeemed its pledge of four Hilux security patrol vehicles to the Lagos State Government, with the Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN) stating that just aid as the indices of crime are heading downwards in the state, he hopes that many more people will now come forward to redeem their pledges and take more initiative in order to strengthen the collaboration of the people and the government in the area of security.

The Governor who spoke during the formal handover ceremony held at the open grounds of the Lagos House, Ikeja added that the donation represents the strongest evidence of community involvement in security.

"That is encouraging and means that we must continue to deploy resources, i am sure that with improved resources they can deliver much more. But we owe a duty and a responsibility also as the city gets safer".

"It is to understand that there are threats around us and it would be increasingly difficult to remain an island and an oasis of safety unless we prepare and adaptation requires us to remain increasingly more vigilant", he added.

The Governor charged the people to say something if they see something strange and reiterated that the communication channels of 767 and 112 are still available to the public just as all the other numbers of public officials are published.

"767 and 112 are the emergency lines and if you see something unusual please say something. We must take the first step about protecting ourselves by being security conscious and by not being overly reckless and careless".

"There are things that are better done during the day than at night. We will continue to publish these security tips, no nation or society is crime free and even in the safest cities as you might want to describe them, there are some places that I will not go to at night and there are places that I will not go to alone.

"The criminals continue to thrive and prosper on their successes and it is our responsibility to outrun, to outspend and to apprehend them but the citizens can do a lot more", the Governor explained.

He stated that through small investments especially by those who run public places like supermarkets, restaurants, malls, their closed circuit television cameras can become a defence system for the whole community as it translates into supporting their business but appropriately located to help government also collect data.

The Governor noted that with the best intentions, government cannot put cameras in all private businesses but will manage the highways as it is doing adding that though it may be only four vehicles that Nigerian Breweries has donated, what the donation says is that the citizens now have better understanding of the commanding heights of importance that security represents in the commonwealth and that everyone wants to play a part.

The Governor said his interpretation of the donation is that 32 more Policemen are now able to patrol more efficiently with an average of eight persons per vehicle in a way that predisposes them to protect life and property.

"The challenge of continually maintaining and fuelling these vehicles will remain that of the State Government working in partnership with the support it gets from the State Security Trust Fund", he said.

He expressed the hope that many more people will now come forward to redeem their pledges and take more initiative in order that the people and the government can work together as a community to continue to promote safety and security in Lagos.

Speaking earlier, the Managing Director of Nigerian Breweries Plc, Mr Nicolaas Vervelde said the organisation is involved in several projects in the state in the education, environment, health and general welfare fields.

He said currently, the Nigerian Breweries in collaboration with the Lagos State Electricity Board is installing street lights at Abebe Village while with the Ministry of Environment, it has co financed the drain in Iganmu.

"We are working with Ministry of Transport on Bus Shelters at Iganmu -Costain Roundabout. We are also busy with external consultants and with your government to develop and implement a plan to transform the Park at the Costain Roundabout into a top class recreational facility for all Lagosians".

"In terms of education, we have been refurbishing the school block of Obele Primary School in Surulere, Igbobi College in Yaba and we are doing refurbishment of the school blocks as we speak and also Okesuna High School, we have refurbished the Library and several classrooms", he stated.

The Managing Director said in terms of health, the Nigerian Breweries Plc has donated Dialysis Machine including the training of the operators and is looking at the possibility of setting up Accident and Emergency Wards at Ikorodu and Badagry General Hospitals together with the Ministry of Health.

In his introductory remarks the Executive Secretary of the State Security Trust Fund, Mr Fola Arthur–Worrey said the LSSTF was very happy that the Nigerian Breweries has redeemed its pledge and hoped it will signify the beginning of a formal partnership with the Nigerian Breweries which has joined other members of Corporate Lagos.

He expressed the hope that the gesture is the first of many to come adding that he will encourage other corporate entities that have not bought into the vision to do so.

The Governor was joined by members of the State Executive Council including the Secretary to the State Government, Mrs Ranti Adebule and Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Lateef Ibirogba in receiving the donation.


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